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By uniquely combining mathematics and science with our in-house technology and decades of experience, MultiTegnik is the out-of-the-box-supplier and -contractor to design and implement creative solutions ensuring increased revenue for your operations.

Our all-encompassing approach to engineering challenges enables us to ensure your operation has access to the most dedicated technical specialists available. Specialist Technicians are a breed of artisan with a “can-do” focussed attitude, always ensuring the safety of their team members while implementing sound engineering solutions in their field of expertise.

Our technicians will ensure a pro-longed equipment asset reliability and a reduction in shutdown requirements, resulting in increased production up-time and higher yields

Almost a limitless access to any scale of fabrication and manufacturing, combined with a wealth of time-served knowledge and engineering innovation bolsters our powerful combination to serve our wide customer base across Africa.

Our Specialist Technicians’ “can-do” attitude and our Engineers’ “out-of-the-box” thinking, ensured that many equipment and spares suppliers to partner with our winning combination.

Whatever your companies need, we have a solution.